Third Monkey, Hear Evil
Wednesday, June 02, 2004
  time in review
Well, I've been away from the great wide web for a while, courtesy of hospitalisation of infant, difficulties with computers, and sheer laziness. I'm in my standard mid-year slump - the list of things that should get done is increasing much faster than my motivation to do any of them. I could blame this on smallest child (now 2 months - a girl to complement the older two boys), but it isn't really her fault that I'm playing with her or carrying her around and thus not doing things. I'd forgotten how much slower it is to tidy up when everything has to be done with one hand. Evens things up between me and the three year old - I can no longer tidy up faster than he can create chaos.

Given the number of things I've been wanting to write about (and my chances of remembering them all) I've opted for the list a few things and ramble about them, in no coherent order.

There's lots of other things I'd talk about, if only I had the cognitive capacity to remember what they are. And with that, I'm going to wander off into the distance, singing "la-la-la" to some half-remembered tune 
Life and times of someone who should know better....

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