Third Monkey, Hear Evil
Thursday, January 27, 2005
  It's going to be a quiet year...
...and I can tell this, because I woke up this morning and decided to do a fanzine for SwanCon. It's not like home, family, study, and other fannish activities are going to take up every waking hour, and some of those I should be sleeping in as well.

So, for anyone who knows my email address, or can find it somewhere, I'm interested in submissions. I'm not going to be greatly fussy - as long as I enjoy reading it, and it isn't too long, I'm interested in including it. 'Zine will only be 8 or 12 A5 pages, so if people want to be able to read it, I'd better not put too much in (which is an excuse for not writing too much) - I could be tempted by four point, just because I can.

Given that the theme of the con is Sensuality, I thought I might use that as a starting point for things to go in. I'm intending to include recipes, book recommendations (not so much reviews - I'm only going to mention good ones) possibly including kids picture books, and random ramblings, which are pretty much the things I do with any facility. Persons competent at other areas are encouraged to give me stuff so that I'm not just putting my things in the 'zine.... (hint. hint.) Especially if someone competent with a pen(cil) would be willing to help me with a logo thingy (I know what it should look like, I'm just not sure if I can create it so that anyone else can identify it)

Oh, and I was thinking about making it available for a donation. I haven't decided which worthy cause I think any proceeds should go to (note: proceeds, not profit) so I'm interested in hearing about worthy causes that the media tend to ignore.

And I was going to write a review or two, but baby is awake and is interested in company, so maybe another time.