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Friday, January 20, 2006
  changing my lifestyle

You know someone has finally pissed you off too much, when you choose to change an established part of your lifestyle, just to be less like them.

So, until I get over this fit of pique, I am no longer vegetarian. I will continue to serve vegetarian food, and respect the sensibilities of my vegetarian friends, but damned if I'm going to be tarred with the same brush. Not sure how proud I am, but certainly feeling loud about it. 
  mmmmm, dessert

Have managed to 'invent' a marvelous, sticky, very kid type dessert today. Required: jelly, and an icecream maker. Make up the jelly as usual, but rather than putting it in the fridge, put it in the icecream maker. Use icecream maker as per instructions. Mine is the type where you have to turn the handle every couple of minutes, it scrapes the ice off the walls, and then mixes it through. So, some of the jelly freezes, and the rest sets really quickly, and in about 15 minutes (from boiling the kettle) you have an icky, sticky semi-solid semi-frozen sweet mess. We put commerical dinosaur sweets on top, and called it "Ice-Age".

A packet of jelly crysals made enough for four of us, but the icecream maker would have held at least twice that - not sure if it would work as well, but should do. I'm tempted to do it for the next birthday party, instead of a cake.

Oh, and something to keep in mind, the jelly liquid needs to be cold to work this quickly. I mixed mine with less than the usual amount of hot water, and then made it up with icecubes. I think I actually had slightly more than the supposed volume of jelly that the recipe is supposed to make, but because of the nature of the beast, it didn't matter (as the jelly wasn't 'solid') 
Friday, January 13, 2006
So much for reviewing everything I read, and making sane comment. I've been reading a wide variety of stuff recently, not all of which I have any hope of remembering. I've been trolling through home decorating books (and there are some exceptionally peculiar ones, including the one that starts by discussing chakras and their associated colours), reading foodie magazines from the mid 90s, and dipping into random stuff that friends have been throwing out.

The interesting thing I've been reading for a few days is a collection of 10 short novels from the 1940s. It includes such things as a CL Moore (argh, can't remember the name), Killdozer by Theodore Sturgeon, a part of the Foundation set by Isaac Asimov, E For Effort by someone who's name escapes me. In general, I think I recommend them. Not all of them are fantastically memorable, but they are an amazing window into a completely different mind set. And they are good reads from a time when much of science fiction was 'pulp' and read like it. 
  wheeeeee! broadband

we now have the evil broadband, which is sucking up my time, and I'm still not geting much done. On the upside, I have at least cleaned out some of my inbox....

The whiteboard, on the other hand, is still over one square metre of cramped handwriting indicating things that I'm supposed to consider doing.

bah humbug.

oh, and to anyone who has my student email address, and I wasn't clever enough to give my new address to, email me in the next two weeks so that I can rectify this please. 
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