Third Monkey, Hear Evil
Tuesday, June 06, 2006
  I've discovered that there is nothing like the internet for making me realise how little I'm aware of, just how large the big scary world is, and how obvious my ignorance can sometimes be. The story? I was looking for the lyrics for "Hine ma tov". The first 'oh wow' moment was looking at the lyrics written for spanish readers (oh, my, that's different, why's that different, huh, oh, right, the whole page isn't in english, duh). The second was reading the advertisments on the page that I'm actually borrowing them from. It had never occurred to me that there would be Jewish specific online dating agencies. This suggests to me that there are a whole swag of possible target markets out there for such services. However, I've done the sane thing, and gone back to trying to learn "Hine ma tov" instead of investigating further... 
Life and times of someone who should know better....

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